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Gymnastics Classes


Recreational Gymnastics:

  • Fun, non-competitive apparatus based gymnastics class.

  • Suitable for children 5 years +.

  • Learn at your own pace and progress through skills within our coloured based levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold)

Gymnastics Fundamentals:

  • Perfect your skills: handstand, cartwheel, rolls, bridges and kickovers (and progressions)

  • Learn to hold a freestanding handstand and do a perfect cartwheel.  Tick off those skills in a term.

  • Suitable to all levels as fundamentals are the most important skills in gymnastics and we can always progress!


Development class for:

  • 5-12 years (by invitation)

  • This program introduces progressions of skills once the basics are taught


Advanced classes for:

  • 5 yrs+ (by invitation)

  • The program offers a squad atmosphere for students, without the commitment of a competitive program.

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