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Frequently Asked Questions


I am a beginner.  Is gymnastics suitable?

No experience necessary as our coaches will tailor the classes (and skills) to your ability and pace.


There is a class to suit everyone no matter what level you are at.


What do I wear?


Girls should wear a leotard or shorts and a t-shirt, tucked in. Boys wear shorts and a t-shirt tucked in. For tumbling bare feet are best. Hair should be pulled back for safety, as long hair interferes with rolling somersaulting and twisting skills. Please no gum or jewellery.   Please avoid baggy clothes, buttons, zippers and snaps.

Sydney Gymnastics Factory has a uniform and each child may wear our club t-shirt and leotard.


Are the coaches experienced/qualified?


Our coaches are ex-gymnasts who have been involved in gymnastics since they were children.  

All coaches are experienced and qualified with Gymnastics Australia and are WORKING with CHILDREN checked.

Additionally, all coaches are trained with respect to child safety and covid safety.


Can I book a birthday party?


Yes!   Please contact us for more details.


Do parents stay during the class?


Parents are required to supervise and actively participate with their own child/ren during the kinder gymnastics class (under 5s).


Parents/carers of children in our recreational & advanced classes can drop off and pick up their child.  Non-participants are unable to stay while class is in progress.  We organise specific days for parents to enjoy watching our classes and they are advised in advance.

We thank you for understanding that non-participants are not allowed in the gym.

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