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Fees Term 2 2024

Recreational Gymnastics
(Bronze, Silver)
Development Group 
Kindergym (Under 5's)
Acrobatics & Tumbling
(By Invitation)
Adult Gymnastics


All members + 2024 insurance & registration
Recreational $90 / Pre-/advanced $110
Transferable between affiliated clubs.
*Note that prices are subject to change without notice. Fees may increase slightly on January 1st/July 1st, reflected in Term fees.

School Holiday
Gymnastics Fun 


10 am - 1 pm

$60 / day per child

Birthday Parties

Gymnastics, acrobatics, games, jumping, swinging and balancing- it's different & fun!


Choose gymnastics, ninja, cheerleading/dance or a combination!

Contact us for more information.

TRY a class

Contact us for a trial class.

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