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Paula Ponce




I attribute my gymnastics experiences to loving being fit today.  It stemmed from when I was five years old and taken to my first recreational gymnastics class at an Eastern Suburbs Gymnastics School.  It was an exciting feeling being around a huge variety of equipment and apparatus that I had never seen before, learning fun skills and making new friends.  I have been involved in gymnastics ever since, and am pleased to be able to share my reasons why.


As an athlete, gymnastics benefited me in many ways.  Being a shy person at school, gymnastics enabled me to be very creative and outgoing.  It improved my self-esteem, and gave me confidence.  I learned the meaning of discipline through gymnastics and am pleased to have done so, as it served me well throughout all areas of my life including school, work and play.  Gymnastics also gave me the opportunity to exercise and expend the energy I consumed throughout the day, thus keeping myself active and extremely fit. 


I participated in the competitive stream of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) from age six to fourteen, and then started to coach gymnastics.  I have experience in coaching both boys and girls gymnastics (rhythmic, general -recreational, kindergym and adult- and WAG), and there are many reasons why I will not stop doing so.


Just as I find gymnastics exciting, I am happy to provide students with thrilling and challenging lessons both during school and as an extra curriculum activity.  My experiences with gymnastics were so fantastic, that I am excited to continue to ensure that all children experience the same feelings toward gymnastics, in terms of the fun factor and all the benefits you gain, including physical strength, increased flexibility and motor skills such as coordination.


I want to make it known that everyone can enjoy gymnastics and use it as a platform for other sports they may decide to participate in, in the future.  Through gymnastics, they will also benefit from improving their self-confidence and self esteem, as I did, and importantly will learn discipline.


Personally, the most important aspect of teaching gymnastics, or any physical activity is that children participate in something healthy, and develop habits of activity for life.  For this reason Sydney Gymnastics Factory was brought to life!!


Hopefully through the club, I can help many children take part in a physical activity and enjoy it so much that they keep returning.  I believe it is important to understand the benefits of having healthy bodies and keeping active.

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